Country Reports

Comprehensive Report on a Specific Country or Market

A Report that Provides Detailed Statistics & Information on a Target Market, Built Around Your Product, Sector & Prospect Customers or Partners

There are hundreds of sources of statistics and data on almost every country in the world. But as important as collecting general stats on population, GDP or exports are, understanding the opportunity for your particular product or service in a new market, or learning about your prospects or competitors in that market should be the primary goal.

Channelspark can provide a Country or Market Report built around your product and sector, customer type, competition and sales approach. The Country or Market Report provides an overview of your specific sector, how it is performing in that market, competitive analysis, recommendations for entry & selling and even a list of the top 3 prospects or partners in that market to get you started.

What's Inside

Report comes as a PDF, and includes data & statistics specific to your sector and customer type, competitive analysis, recommendations for market entry & list of up to 3 prospects with contacts. The Report is typically done once a top ranked market in a Market Ranking Report has been identified, but can also be done on any preferred market.

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$795 CDN per Country or Market

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