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Small investment... a few hours of time... RESULT: critical actions & recommendations.

With over 25 years experience having helped businesses develop their exporting strategy, Channelspark has the knowledge and experience to quickly assess a company's product and capabilities, and produce answers to some of the most common or most challenging exporting issues.


For businesses that are just getting started, Channelspark will do a review of the company’s product and current marketing, and deliver a short report that identifies the top 3 markets to target.


Channelspark will review a company’s product and any current international market, and validate the market before major spending or investment is done.


Channelspark will review current sales models and distributors to determine why sales efforts are not achieving desired results.

Included in the Assessment

The ExportSpark Assessment includes a maximum of 2 hours of onsite or remote interviews with executives, as well as a review of the company’s product and current website. Companies will receive a short report with key information & recommendations to allow for exporting next steps.

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