Export Plan Development

An export plan is critical to success in international markets, but does consume many hours of time and effort. Channelspark can come in and take the lead on developing an export plan. Interviews, surveys, analysis of current business plans & marketing content are all used to develop a solid, documented export plan for the company to use to expand globally.

Distribution Network Check-Up

The Partner Check-Up is a review of a company's existing distribution network, including partner analysis, surveys, interviews & comparison to best practice channel programs. From the data collected, recommendations are made for tools, efforts or improvements that will often improve relations and drive more revenue from the company's channel.

Partner Program Tools

Channelspark can analyse your current partner program and help develop tools that will assist in recruiting and on-boarding of new partners or help develop existing partners. Legal agreements, sales training & spec sheets, partner marketing activities & development of online tools can all help build out capabilities in a company's channel.