Recent statistics have shown that less than 15% of small to medium sized Canadian businesses export outside of Canada… and 90% of those companies sell only to the US. At a time where challenges to exporting into the US are becoming much more prominent.

All companies want to reduce risk. But the reality is, having only one export market to sell into presents increased risk, especially when politics or economic downturns come into play. So the obvious way to reducing risk from a single export market is to increase the number of export markets.

Sounds easy, right?… not exactly. The UK, with Brexit, is also experiencing challenges. With the loss of the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, Asia has been set back on trade… and the Chinese economy is slowing down. So you need much more detailed information on which basket into which you will put your eggs.

Channelspark uses a research methodology that maps the top 3 to 10 markets that are the best potential fit for the company’s products or services. Through this research, Channelspark has often found prospect markets that do not take a large amount of investment or resources to extract revenue, as long as a solid export plan is in place to answer how it will be done.

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