Channelspark was invited to work on a project, recently completed, to help Costa Rican ICT companies prepare for entry into the Canadian market, then participate in a trade mission to Toronto to meet with prospect Canadian customers. From a market with a population of just under 5 million into one of the world’s most dynamic economics…. where to start?

Besides offering pura vida, or “pure living”, Costa Rica has invested an enormous amount into education and research, and the results shone through with sophisticated talent and experienced service providers ready to deliver results to Canadian technology companies. One of the primary tasks was to develop an export plan, and determine if anything needed to be updated on their websites or messaging to ensure Canadian companies would be receptive.

Channelspark, together with the project team, was able to help well over 20 companies develop export plans, update websites, create compelling messaging and prepare for market entry. For more information on the program, or to find a way to engage with Costa Rican companies, visit

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