Perception is an important consideration in any new market being entered…. a company can have the best product or service, customer support or unique value add, but prospects will only see the company’s country or culture in a historical or stereotypical way.

A recent project in Colombia was a perfect example of this view. Digital marketing, animation or mobility content developers, extremly talented, many with sales internationally, worked on preparing export plans for entering the Canadian market. A large part of their efforts were spent on the “Colombia” story, how the past troubles were just that… in the past, and how Colombia was now a dynamic, forward thinking, safe and creative country. Their efforts were rewarded.. most conversations went directly to the positive value add that the company’s services provided to Canadian companies.

Companies need to consider their international marketing message based on more than their product or service. Research where your country ranks on ease of business, corruption, trade agreements and perceived views from those outside your market. It will help make your value statement that much stronger.