Sometimes, researching a market and finding the perfect distributor can be quite a challenge. And there’s no greater challenge, in our experience to date, than Iran.

But with the Iranian market opening up to North American products and investment due to the easing of sanctions, companies have access to a consumer market larger than the UK (pop. 78 million) and a need to upgrade almost all infrastructure. With businesses that want to trade.

But there are no embassies or consulates in the US or Canada… most banks do not have the ability to transfer funds to Iran… arranging travel is very difficult – how do you apply for a travel visa? Travel is often not allowed in some regions of the country, without a guide or representative, pre-arranged and approved.

Channelspark was able to find market research on several sectors and potential partners that could represent Canadian companies, and came up with answers to these challenges. But it was not an easy task, and there were struggles. Which shows that having someone that truly understands partnering in international markets is a must for making any headway into these exciting but difficult markets.

Channelspark has the knowledge and experience to help your company enter international markets all over the globe… even the really challenging ones. Contact us today to build an export plan for expansion into these new markets!