The scenario is a common one… a Canadian company attends a trade show in a new market… meets a distributor on the stand, shakes hands, the distributor signs a reseller agreement and BANG!… you’re selling internationally.

Perfect marriage?… sometimes not so much. In fact, a large percentage of these types of partnerships fail. Why?… because not enough research was done on the distributor to see if they were compatible. Just because they are keen doesn’t mean your customers in that market will buy from them.

Although it takes time and investment, determining which markets you should target first and then creating a profile of the “perfect” partner in that market is critical. The best partners in market are often the ones that do NOT approach you.. in fact, it takes time and effort to convince them to partner. That’s what relationship development is all about, and it is critical in many international markets.

Channelspark can help develop a partner profile and build partner programs & legal agreements, as well as plans for partner recruitment in key markets. Contact us today to start your perfect partner matchmaking!