Channelspark is proud to launch a new service, the ExportSpark Assessment, a short consulting engagement that answers critical questions around exporting and provides solutions and action plans to help drive revenue from international.

For companies that are just getting started, the most common question is.. “Which market is best?”.. for companies already started, often the question is.. .“Is the market I chose the correct one?”… and for established exporting companies, the most common challenge is… “Why aren’t my partners selling?”.

The ExportSpark assessment is a 2 hour consulting engagement, done onsite or remotely with company executives, that includes a review of the product, the company’s sales model and current marketing or channel efforts, and provides a short report with recommendations & actions for overcoming the challenges and driving revenue.

For companies looking to start exporting, the report identifies the top market for entry based on the product or service. For companies looking to increase investment in a chosen market, a market validation and potential revenue opportunity assessment can be done. Finally, for established companies, a review of their partner program, sales model & interviews with partners can often determine what is missing with their international marketing & sales support efforts.

For a small investment, a company can obtain valuable exporting advice and suggestions for increasing sales. Check out for more information, or contact Channelspark to set up your Assessment!