Greg Henderson

Certified International Trade Professional (CITP)

Greg is a Certified International Trade Professional and Founder and President of Channelspark International Inc. who’s passion is to explore new countries and cultures and use this understanding to build business relationships around the globe. With over 25 years of experience as an International Business Development Specialist and working with partners and staff in over 60 countries, Greg understands international.

Through his experience with companies in technology, marine, food and beverage and manufacturing sectors as well as with government trade associations, Greg has developed strategic insight in analyzing a company’s product or service and identifying an effective map for expansion that fits the company’s needs, budget and abilities. Greg has designed and developed dozens of successful partner programs, some with up to 400 partners in over 50 countries. Having worked with economic development agencies, Greg has delivered seminars and training materials on how to expand a business into international markets, and has the experience to help companies determine their export readiness and develop export plans.

Greg’s passion for travel started in high school when he was selected to participate in a Danish exchange and lived on a farm in Denmark for a year. During university, he won a scholarship to study for a year at the University of Konstanz, in Germany. Along with his CITP certification, Greg has 2 Bachelor degrees from Carleton University, a BA in German and a BA in Psychology.

During his career, he has lived and worked in Germany, the U.K., the Netherlands, and Australia.  He currently resides with his wife and two children in Abbotsford, BC.

Data Analysis

Channelspark has done research for manufacturing companies in the dairy, mining, forestry, marine & enterprise software industries, collecting data on over 70 countries and determining the best markets to target for prospect customers and partners.

Channelspark has also done reseach in many other sectors, including Managed Services, Software, Hardware, Cloud Computing, Food & Beverage, Selling to Government, Healthcare & Aerospace.

Channelspark can deliver country reports on specific markets, with relevant data, competitive analysis & lists of prospect partners and customers.

Export Focus

Channelspark has decades of in-depth experience on export strategy, international sales & partner programs, having developed sales systems for dozens of companies selling into over 50 international markets.

Channelspark has built partner programs that helped companies get started with distributors, to programs with up to 7 different partner types, discount structures, different regions & territories & technology focus.

Channelspark helped build an online pan-European managed services educational program for one of the world's largest desktop & laptop manufacturing companies, in 5 languages, launched in 12 countries.


Channelspark has worked with world leading economic development agencies, developing training materials & content to help their local companies export into international markets.

Channelspark has delivered dozens of seminars & training sessions to companies looking to learn more about expanding into international markets and best practices.

Channelspark has managed global training conferences for participants from dozens of countries, as well as in-market trade missions & research visits for hundreds of companies.

Clients & Partners