Channelspark was honoured to be invited to speak at the North American Automobile Traders Association (NAATA) at their annual conference this year in Vancouver.

For a group that specializes in export and import, the topic of Incoterms best practices and how to streamline the process was important. But the focus of the presentation was more around how to choose the best term… not so much the terms themselves.

When choosing an Incoterm and negotiating a sales contract, all parties should review and determine what obligations they are best suited to perform.. if one party is better at loading containers or products or has a good logistics partner, then this should dictate the term chosen, for example.

Sometimes contracts are written up with the lowest costs or least risk… but this doesn’t always provide value to both parties. Review your willingness to take on risk and experience with exporting or importing… THEN pick a term.

This approach was very well received, and Channelspark looks forward to presenting it to more organisations and associations in the future.